my sweet junnybun,
one month. 30 days. 720 hours. 43,200 minutes. we will be standing there and i will be looking into your eyes and one second, you'll be my fiance, and then the next, you'll be my husband. my husband. i keep saying it to remind myself that it's real, it's happening. the last eight months or so have flown by. the wedding felt so far away and now it's right upon us. i could throw a rock and hit it, that's how close it is. i won't throw rocks, don't worry, that's dangerous. i have been working towards a dream i've had for most of my life but even that pales in comparison to how much i want to marry you, how excited i am to be married and share a name and just keep living our beautiful life that we share together.

ten months ago, we fell into this thing together. we allowed ourselves, beaten and bruised, to trust in fate and in love and to not give up on finding the person that's meant for us and look where we are. that trust and that faith brought us to this perfect place where i feel safe yet willing to explore the unknown. i feel loved and never like it's a burden for you to do so. i feel free and alive because you've never tried to cage me or make me someone i'm not. you love me for who i am and have embraced things about me i honestly never thought someone would. i'll always thank you for that. i'll always love you for that.

my only wish right now is that i could cut class and spend the day with you. this is our day. this has been our day for ten months and it will be our day for the rest of our lives. you will have my night tonight, though. as soon as i'm home, i won't leave your side. don't make plans for this weekend because i'm taking you away and there's nothing you can do to stop it. i love you, hajun. i sincerely love you with all that i have. happy anniversary.

forever yours,